Tuesday, November 11, 2008

July Camping

My father-in-law, grandpa, or Bob, likes to take his grandsons fishing. So he scheduled a Friday/Saturday fishing/boating trip with a one night stay at a campground (July 18 &19) for Spencer, Phillip, Earl (Spencer’s brother) and son Ethan, and Wade (another cousin). Spencer’s other brother, Adam (Wade’s dad), was scheduled to join the group on Saturday morning. Phillip was very excited.
Well, if you know me at all, that whole guy thing, girl thing just doesn’t sit well with me. It’s not that I think that guys shouldn’t have any fun on their own or that I have to do everything they do; but I do enjoy a lot of things that aren’t typically associated with girls. And I have noticed that the boys get to do things more often than the girls in this family. However, I know that this is not intentional. Bob likes to do outdoor stuff and girls usually don’t.
So, I may have said something to Spencer, ok, ok, I did definitely say something (don’t remember what) and my voice was heard…Therefore Maike plus daughter Talitha were also invited, as long as we didn’t mind sleeping in a big tent with a bunch of boys. On a side note, Winston was invited, but grandma and mommy agreed that it would be better for all of us to not bring a rather active, curious, mommy-attached, yet independent and loud 19-month-old. He stayed home with grandma.
Now Talitha got really excited, too. Bob left Friday morning with Phillip and Wade, Earl and Ethan. Spencer had to get some work done, so we wanted to leave in the afternoon with Talitha. I was getting stuff ready and Talitha got all dressed for camping and insisted on wearing her backpack around the house. I wanted her to eat something before we left, so I put her at the table with her food and continued getting ready. When I walked back into the kitchen I found her asleep at the table. I guess the excitement wore her out.
My family has a thing for falling asleep at the table--or other places--by the way.


Hallenbergers said...

Well I am glad you got to go! Yeah "guy" activities definatly fit your personality better! and LOL that is FUNNY about the falling asleep where ever pics!!!! LOL

Claire said...

HAHAHA - those pictures of your kids sleeping everywhere are hilarious!

Sounds so like you - not to be left out of a traditionally 'boys' activity. Did you have fun?

Jennifer said...

Those sleeping pictures are hilarious! Always good to have a camera around. Glad to see you're still back blogging!