Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Empty promises--hopefully not

So, I haven't blogged in forever, not that anyone's noticed, and I had these really good intentions to blog today...You know, after putting the kids to bed--Spencer had Scouts tonight, so he wouldn't distract me with his talking...But as it goes, it took longer to get the kids in bed than it should have. Well, truthfully, I just started late because the kids and I had a dance party, and how could I pass up the opportunity to impart some skill in rhythm and musicality to my children, seeing as they at times have seen their father “dance”. Therefore, kids to bed late, me catching up on emails, and now it’s late and I should go to bed. So, I’m still stuck in July and you have to wait a little longer to hear/see all about our camping adventures, mountain biking, crazy kids, Hawaii (yes, Spencer and I went to Hawaii and got back last week) and Halloween.


Claire said...

I noticed you hadn't blogged! I suspected you were having too much of a great time to blog... and it would seem that i was right! I look forward to hearing of your adventures and your holiday!

And by the way... I've seen your dance moves! Remember in the chrity shop in Bedford? And how they played REAL music? And remember you dancing in the changing cubicle?!?! You're right - those talents have to passed on to your kids... you'd be denying them if you didn't

Hallenbergers said...

It's about time you blogged something!!! I AM SOOOOO JEALOUS about the trip! I need details!!