Friday, November 14, 2008

July Camping, Continued

I guess, I got so carried away about the sleeping thing that I never told you about the actual camping/boating experience. So, after sweeping Talitha off the table sleeping position and into the car, we were on our way. We met Bob and the rest of the boys at the lake. They had already been on the lake (Yale Lake, near Mount St. Helens) fishing. We joined them for a while until we all had to go and set up the tent. Then we had dinner--well, the adults had dinner, the kids were too excited to really eat--and the obligatory roasted marshmallows and s'mores. The kids slept well, once they settled down enough to fall asleep, and I found out that I don't do so well on a thin pad on the floor anymore. Aparently I'm getting old. The next morning Earl, Ethan and Tyson (whom I forgot to mention, sorry, Earl's youngest son was there too) had to leave. But we were joined by Spencer's brother Adam and their sister Jill. And it's good that Jill was there with her camera, because I had no chance to take any pictures, what with all the awesome wakeboarding I did...OK so I never really got up...this time anyway. Spencer's the good one. All in all we had fun, although we only caught 2 fish (1 had to be thrown back) and the water was really rather on the cold side. Oh, and we saw 2 bald eagles. How cool is that?!

Me, trying to get up.
Adam and Wade

Bald eagle

Thanks for the pictures, Jill, and sorry I don't have any of Earl, Ethan and Tyson.

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