Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Then and now

1 month / 1 Monat
15 months / 15 Monate

Winston weighed in at 28.1 pounds on Monday (fully dressed). By comparison, Spencer weighed 32 lbs at age 4.
Winston wog 28 Pfund (ca. 12,7 Kilo), gestern (bekleidet). Zum Vergleich, Spencer wog 32 Pfund als er 4 war.


Jilly said...

WOW, I can't believe the weight comparison between Winston and Spencer, that is crazy!!! Love all the pictures!

Hallenbergers said...

LOL That is FUNNY!!! He is one BIG kid....ok seriously...we are all feeling better so we should set up a date where I come out to hang...Hey Girl you better post a comment on my blog too!!!

Lemmon Heads said...

maike the pictures and stories are great. it was fun to get an update on your family. sorry we couldn't come see that saturday. hopefully sometime soon.