Thursday, September 4, 2008

Phillip's First Day of School / Phillips Erster Schultag

So I have to interrupt my catch-up time and quickly post Phillip's first day of Kindergarten, which was today. He was very excited last night. We picked out his clothes and got everything ready. When the kids were in bed, I proceeded to finish the "first day of school cone" for Phillip. That is a German tradition, all the children get a school cone from their parents on their very first day of school.
During the night Phillip had a bad dream and joined me in bed (Spencer is bear hunting with his dad and brothers). I got up early and wanted to study my scriptures, but Phillip woke up soon after, and kept asking if it was time to leave yet. We managed to get out the door before the other two woke up. Phillip got more nervous as we waited for the bus. When the bus finally came he looked worried but got on fine. When he arrived home (Winston, Talitha and I had to wait for quite a while by the side of the road--well, Winston took off to get some food or something from the house after he had had enough, but it worries me a little that we were so close to the road...Winston might think it's ok to run to the street now) Phillip was excited to unpack his school cone. It was a good day.

Talitha wanted her picture taken as well.

Waiting for Phillip.

Phillip is home again.


Hallenbergers said...

COOL! That cone is a neat idea! Good job for your first day of school Phillip!!

Claire said...

Wie gehts?! I hadn't realised you had a blog! Hahaha - now I shall stalk you and leave nasty comments! Just kidding! Your kids are beautiful! 11 years since the good old days eh? Time flies when you're at home being driven round the bend by crazy kids! Or is that just me!?